Monday, April 4, 2016

Winter's End and Spring Beginnings

After the church Easter Egg Hunt 3.27.16

Cooper and I have recently returned from Spring Break at Nana's House, and despite the beautiful weather we are recovering from colds (hopefully our last of the season!). So, before we start spending every waking hours in our happy place (out-of-doors) we thought we would put up a quick post about our winter fun. We hope you are starting to see lovely days and can enjoy them without constantly sneezing like Mommy!   -Porter & Cooper

January 2016:
Lots of make-believe time during our rainy days of January
(Firefighters in our new boots from Memaw was one of our most favorite make-believe games!)

Random "super heroes" was also a favorite game!


Hanging out with Auntie Sheka
Weekend a Nana's & Papa's - Nana showed off her accordion!


                                   February 2016:
  • A morning out at Cache Creek was cold!

Papa took this picture of Mommy teaching me how to use binoculars.

  •  Free Museum Day in Sacramento AND Super Bowl Weekend with Gruncle
At the CA-State History Museum

How we stayed entertained during the Super Bowl - giddy up, Mama!

We got to eat pizza in the entry way during the Super Bowl Game!

Hangin' with Gruncle and hoping the game ends

  • Day at the Sacramento Zoo with special friend Olivia from school

  • Valentines!  After church, Moms took us on a date to Rick's Dessert Diner in Sacramento!!

  • "Annual" Donut Night in Sunnyvale (Coop's 1st donut night because last year's was cancelled)
With "cousin" Meia, while hanging with Unclefer
Our "new" go-cart (from Nana's neighbor)

Chocolate and Sprinkles...need I say more?
Cooper's 1st donut at Nana's House

"Donut Night Band"
March 2016:

  • I've started T-Ball...and Mommy is our Assistant Coach. I play for the Bees and wear #5.
Always "baseball ready"

My 1st at-bat and base-running

Brunch with Uncle Ken
  •  Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA with Oregon Friends Aspen and Peyton


  • Open Farm Day at Full Belly Farms (after a T-ball game)

Waving to Mr. Farmer on his John Deere

          And the next day it rained....

  • Easter!
Teaching Cooper how to hunt for eggs on Saturday for practice

Cooper was not trying on his Easter outfit very cooperatively!


April 2016:

  • Spring is looking good when it starts with beautiful weather and a swim with Uncle Peter!
Having an afternoon snack at home

Thanks for heating the "little pool" (Jacuzzi) Uncle Peter!


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  1. This is my third time going through this post, and I notice new things each time. Either I'm a sloppy looker or there's just too much awesomeness to take in all at once. Love you little fellas. Aunt Bernedette