Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer is a BLAST...and a BOOM...and a BANG!

The first half of summer has been so fun, with more around the corner!  It's fun to have PJ home to play with me all day, but Mommy says we can't go on errands with her any more. :)  Hope you had fun celebrating our country's birthday. Look forward in my next post to telling you all about friends Timo & Moffett, and more!

After while crocodile,
"I'm almost 3", Cooper

Since the last blog....

Mother's Day

"Mommy & Me Day" at Raley Field

May finished: with a big Open House at the new house, hanging with PJ, watching construction finish on the street behind us and special playdates with buddy Henry while his legs were in big casts and siblings were at school. 

PJ finished baseball season with the Storm Chasers

I finished my Kidz Love Soccer clinics with neighbor Maggie

PJ finished his TK school year at Dingle Elementary

being silly with long-term sub, Teacher Debbie

Summer Silliness
  • We've been to Fairytale Town by ourselves and with friend Olivia!

  • We've had lots of water play time

  • We have had projects in the backyard that we've helped our Moms and Papa with, before work gets done by "workers" later this summer.

  •  There's been Vacation Bible School and carpool with church friends, playdates and lots of fun times with "the villagers" (that's what Mommy calls our new friends across the street, because all four moms talk about "it taking a village"...whatever that means!).

  • We've been perfecting our bike riding and I can finally pedal forward!! Yea me.

4th of July! The four moms co-hosted the first ever Read Court Block Party for the 4th of July. It was a huge success, lots of good food, water balloons, sidewalk chalk and some awesome fireworks.  We have an amazing new street and the 12 kids ages 5-mos. to 8 years old, are going to be fun to grow up with!!


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  1. So cute! Looks like you're having a fun summer. I love keeping up to date on your goings on :)