Friday, January 27, 2017

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Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year!  I thought I would write one more time from this house and share what "me Coopter and PJ" have been doing.  And don't worry about the above picture, I'll get to that momentarily!

The Holidays:  The rest of our Texas trip was great, though coming home was not much fun. There were problems with our airplane that the "worker men" had to fix that delayed us 4-hours.  Once we got to San Francisco airport we had missed our flight to Sacramento; people at the airports didn't communicate very well and promised Moms things that they couldn't deliver on.  Our bags and car-seats got separated, we had to borrow car seats from the airline and then Mommy had to rent us a tiny little car to drive us home.  We arrived safely in Woodland, finally, at 2:30am on Dec. 23rd, instead of 8pm on Dec. 22nd.  "Me and PJ were so tired."  Mama has since given the airline a piece of her mind and they gave my Moms some money back, but it still was not fun.

On the 23rd we got to see our godfathers and have an early Christmas with each of them.  On Dec. 24th "me and PJ" got to help with our church's "Family Christmas Eve Service", where we were a sheep and a shepherd. After church we got to eat pizza while watching Rudolph in the den (shock!), before getting Santa's goodies ready and heading to bed.

On the 25th we opened stockings with goodies, got new Mickey Mouse suitcases and a few other fun things under the tree.  We then packed our new suitcases for Nana's and Papa's in Sunnyvale, as we got to stay with them for the week after Christmas.  We had a special day there with more stockings (how did Santa know to leave things at both places?!), delicious food, a few presents from Nana and Papa and lots of play time.

On the 30th Nana and Papa had to bring "me and PJ" back home as we were starting to get sick.  Mommy was already sick and we hadn't even been with her, we got Nana and Papa sick and eventually Mama got sick too.  We're all ok now but my medicine was yucky and it was not a fun way to start the new year!

January and beyond....
Since all the holiday chaos, life has calmed a little, but not really.  We've had some friends over a couple of times, Gruncle has been staying with us for a few days each week as he is looking for a house to buy in the Sacramento area, we got to go to the snow one day to play, I've started gymnastics and...oh yeah, we're moving next week!  I keep trying to tell my Moms that I want a "big boy bed" at the new house, but I don't think they're convinced crib is awfully cozy, but if PJ is getting a new "big boy bed", I want one too!

And the pictures with me attached to lots of wires, don't worry, I'm fine! I was a brave little dude "also too"! I had to do a sleep study because I quit breathing when I sleep; I didn't know it was a problem. My doctors are taking good care of me and I will go see my ENT in July to talk about how to make sure all my body parts stay working the way they are supposed to.

All ready for bed at the sleep study with doggie, Ibee-Elephant and my favorite blanket...
until I realized I was actually supposed to go to sleep with all that stuff on me.  Then things were
NOT ok; I eventually went to sleep and Mommy watched over me that night.

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For Snow Day pictures, click here:  SNOW!

"Big PJ" reading to us when he came to visit with Miss Caulder

packing up "mine & PJ's" kitchen to help Mommy

We're getting closer....

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