Monday, November 7, 2016

Hi, I'm Cooper.

Hi Friends.  I'm Cooper, I think you know about me from my big brother.  "PJ" (as I call him) asked me to start sharing about our adventures.  So I thought I would start by sharing a big family announcement.  

And a mention of October and Halloween too as my first try at this.... Hope you like it!

Cooper (aka: Super-Coop)

1.  First, if you haven't heard, we're going to be moving. Moms say that we are in escrow on our current house, whatever that means, and "workers are building our new house" a couple miles away.  We go once a week to look at our new house, even though I ask every day if we can go! Mommy will post progress pictures at this link, probably each Sunday night or Monday, after our weekly Sunday visits.  Things are changing very fast and we'll probably move in early February.  PJ and I even get to wear our very own "worker hats" that the site manager gave us, every time we go to visit!
Our New House!

And if you know how to read these funny square drawings, this is what our new house will look like:  New House Floorplan

2. Mommy says this link has a few short videos and pictures of our fun.   
Fall Festivities

On Monday mornings Mommy and I go to "music class" and on Wednesday mornings library story-time.  Mommy and I take Sadie for a run 2-3 mornings a week and do errands as needed.  I LOVE Costco and Target especially...but I will go anywhere that I can buy bananas! :)  I also like being at home and playing by myself (sometimes PJ has too many rules)!  But I'm always glad to go get him from Dingle after "nigh-night time" in the afternoons so we can play again. 

We mostly have been in Woodland, playing with friends, going to a Firehouse Open House one Saturday, trying to enjoy our last of the warm days and "helping out at PJ's Dingle" with the "big kids".

Trick or Treatin', Tiggers

We did quit bouncing long enough for a picture

Nana gave this rain-set to PJ when
he was still in Mommy's tummy and he finally gets
to wear it.  I can't wait until I can wear it too!

It's more fun getting ready for bed when Elmo and I can read together

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