Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Is Summer Over? (I'm exhausted!)

Hangin' with Dinger the River Cat at Family Field Day
What a summer it has been.  It seems like there have been never-ending adventures and we are exhausted!!  School should start again on August 22nd, but we're still waiting for some of those details.  There are still a few more fun-times ahead in the coming days, but here's the summer fun for now!  Quick summaries are below; for a complete view of summer fun you can go to our Google-Photos link: Summer 2016 Adventures

-Porter and Cooper

June 11-18:  TEXAS!
We had a great week of getting treats with Memaw to stay cool, seeing the Houston cousins, going to Children's and Natural History Museums in the town where Memaw and Papaw live, and spending an afternoon on Papaw and Uncle Lee's Farm.  I got to go plowing with Uncle Lee for 1-hour(!) in a huge John Deere tractor.  There was even a "fabulous little seat and seatbelt just for me" next to Uncle Lee's driver seat.  While I was out in the field, Cooper checked out the rest of the equipment and help Papaw do some harvesting in his garden.

Shave Ice with Memaw - day 1
With Jules (L) and Bella (R)...everyone complains that we all keep growing!

There's Me!  Buckled in and ready to plow!
Eggplant harvesting, just the beginning

In a cotton-pickin' tire...no, really! :)

The rest of June
The first week after Texas I got to attend Vacation Bible Camp at our church in the mornings.

The following week on June 27th we got to go to "Family Field Day" in Sacramento, where the River Cats play baseball.  We got to color in the dugout, jump in bounce-houses, play baseball and run around the outfield, shoot squirt guns to stay cool with Dinger and more chaos. We got lots of freebies including hats, foam baseballs and snacks, too!  Thanks to Auntie Sheka for meeting us for play and for helping to take some pictures so Mommy could play too! 


June 29 - July 3:  San Diego!
A fun visit to see Unclefer and attend friends "Miss Caulder and Big PJ's" wedding; we road-tripped all the way and we all survived (thanks to Nana and Papa giving us our own kid tablets as early birthday presents - yahoo)!  Time at the beach, a hike, a wedding, and a trip to Sea World rounded out an extended weekend before the drive home again.

Afternoon at Mission Beach
Hiking at Stelzer Park with Unclefer

Trying to stay little gentlemen before the wedding...it was hard!

 July 4: Happy Birthday, America.
A quiet day at home to unpack and take a breather...and a couple of fireworks at dusk with the neighbors!

July 7: Sacramento Zoo with preschool friend Olivia
Mommy and Miss Katie (Olivia's Mom) have made sure we have once a week play-dates this summer, and the zoo was our first get-together since early June!


July 13:  Cooper turned 2!
We had quite a day celebrating my little brother, who is not so little any more!  Mama took the day off work and we went to Cache Creek Preserve for "Wacky Wednesday" (which we do every Wednesday in summer), for the special creek walk day. We came home for lunch, the revealing of Cooper's bday gift from Moms and rest time, before heading to my swim lessons and then the Train Museum for a special evening event.

Cooper running to his new-to-him (gently used) playhouse

July 16:  The Monterey Bay Aquarium!
We went to Sunnyvale to do more celebrating of Cooper's birthday with Nana and Papa and see some cousins who were visiting.  On Saturday we took Cooper to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for his first visit.  He seemed to like the place and I was glad to go back - I even have my own membership card thanks to Papa!

July 23: Cooper's 2-year photo-shoot
Old Town Sacramento is a great place to take photos.  So we headed there early on Saturday morning before the tourists and crowds took over, for Cooper to strut his stuff...and boy did he! 

Check out this link if you want to see more of the little stinker:  little rock star

July 27: Member Only Night at Fairytale Town
Special event for our family since Mama doesn't get to go with us on most of our visits.  Only members were allowed into Fairytale Town after closing, where there were lots of food freebies, special games and a cool band.  I even got on stage to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider with the lead singer before dancing until my heart was content.  Cooper, of course, just wanted to play on the train.

All of July: Swim Lessons
I took lessons in the evening the whole month of July; I was a Seahorse this year.  I learned so much that my instructors said I can go to the next level (Swordfish, I think!) next summer.  Wow!  Cooper took the "Tadpole" class with Moms the last two weeks and he'll get to be a big boy next year and take the Goldfish all on his own!

Cooper wouldn't cooperate....

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