Friday, June 10, 2016

School's Out for Summer!

HAPPY SUMMER!!!  School got out for me on June 1st, which was the same day our triple-digit heat began. :p   Fortunately we've got our little pool and some great shade in the backyard to keep us cool, and special people in our lives that invite us to use their big pools!

Below are links to some of our spring in pictures.  Poor Mommy is having to change over to Google Photos, instead of using Picasa like we have for years, so if you have any problems viewing please let her know!

We are headed to Texas soon, so we'll update y'all about our adventures when we return.


Mama and I made the Davis Newspaper on 4/17/16 after attending the annual UCD Picnic Days!
(be sure to scroll down, we're the 5th picture)

Spring Fun with Family & Friends

The Rest of T-ball Season!

Mommy's Birthday Extravaganza

Auburn Recreational State Park (Memorial Day)

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