Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Spring from Crazy-Town

Snow in March?!  No, just almond blossoms.

Here I am.  I haven't forgotten about you.  That whole moving thing was kind of crazy, at least that's what my moms say.  And they are doing a pretty good job making the new house feel like "home".  And if moving wasn't enough, read below to see what else "Porter and Tooper" have been up to in the last 3+ months.  This post is a little long but I appreciate you not giving up on me.

Hakuna Matata!

We got the keys to our new house on January 31.  Moms moved all our boxes and small furniture on Feb. 1 and the moving truck came on Feb. 2 for all our big furniture; I got to play at Willy's while it was all going on so I could stay as safe as possible!  Nana and Papa, and Aunt Myrna on Saturday, came for the weekend and were really helpful in helping us unpack boxes, especially the ones in mine and Porter's rooms, so we could have our toys and books back! For some "final" pictures of the new house, check out the updated house link: 2026 Read Court

On Feb. 3 my super-cool big brother celebrated the "100th day of school" to which he and his friends dressed like they were 100-years old AND he got another award for being such a helpful, caring guy at school.  I sure do like him!  I hope I can be like him when I get bigger!!

Me and Porter spent February and part of March taking gymnastics to help burn energy because it was raining so much. 

PJ came to Music Class with me a couple of times when he had days off from school and Mommy took us to Fairytale Town one day when it wasn't raining.  It was worth braving the chill in the air just to be outside for a bit!

We have amazing new neighbors that live across the street from us, Atticus is 5 like Porter, twins-Maggie & Henry are 2.5 like me AND...they have two awesome moms, too!  We've all become really good friends already, taking over the cul-de-sac to play ball, ride bikes and run-around; we've had a movie-night with popcorn, played in their newly completed backyard with a fort structure (our dirt backyard gets a little boring) and more!  We even all went to the open house at the Tractor Museum here in town one Saturday morning and it was amazing!

Me and PJ with new friends Maggie and Henry (Atticus didn't want to take a picture) at Tractor Day

Graunty Margaret came to visit us one long weekend, which we always enjoy.

We finished March by getting to see two plays.  Jack and the Bean Stalk, Jr., that our friend Jordan was in, and the next weekend we saw Lion King, Jr. Plays are so fun, and I even sit through them!

With friend Jordan, he's such a big kid!

with the White Rabbit at Lion King, Jr.

April became all about baseball for PJ and my moms helping with the team, "The Storm Chasers".  Mama agreed to become the "Team Mom" and Mommy became a coach with the team again, but this time on purpose.  I'm kind of the mini-team mascot and my most favorite part of the games is getting my own special snack baggie, so I don't throw a tantrum when I don't get one like the older boys!

At Opening Day Ceremonies in my "Storm Chaser"-blue (just happens to be Dodger colors)!

Easter was lots of fun, "the bunny" gave great treats and we had a fun egg-hunt at church on Easter morning.  Which was a good thing, because it rained all the rest of the day after the hunt and turned our backyard into a mud-pit again!  We were lucky to have Nana & Papa, Gruncle, Uncle Peter and Aunt Myrna join us for the special day both at church, and then back at our house for the afternoon.

To see "Easter"/spring pictures of us in our new suits, that Mommy took at the UC  Davis Arboretum check out: Super-Cuteness

Also in April we got to go to the Sacramento Zoo with Olivia and Harper, we had to say goodbye to Porter's teacher "Miss Benebicto" for the rest of the year as she had to go have her baby. We also had  annual donut night at Nana and Papa's and got to see Unclefer and Auntie Taylor. 
On the zoo train with Olivia, Porter, Harper & Mommy
Saying goodbye to Mrs. Benedicto

Since we won't have our garden box this summer to water and watch grow, we put some of our planters around the front yard with tomato and strawberry plants.


May has already been busy in the first few days, as you have probably guessed.  We've had a fun time celebrating Mommy's birthday, going to a River Cats game, going with brother's class on a fieldtrip to the UC Davis Eco-Garden and I'm doing a soccer class with Mama on Wednesday afternoons for 30-minutes. Phew!  I hope June comes soon so we can slow down.

Me and the TK kids got to try cherries right off the tree at the Eco Garden

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  1. Wow, this was cuteness overload to the max! You two boys are so adorable it makes me want to kiss your faces off!!

    Love your house. Now I can give you lots of gadgets to fill your new roomy kitchen cabinets.

    Love you all. Bernedette