Monday, December 19, 2016

Falling for Fun (Nov. & pre-Christmas)

Well, it happened.  We sold our house and now we're borrowing it from Miss Madeline.  Moms have put up lots of Santa things and snowmen and lights all over, so it still feels like our house for Christmas.  Sometime me and PJ forget that it's not our house anymore and we have to be reminded not to do certain things to the walls. ;)   You can find more pictures of our fall fun at: Falling for Fun (Google photos)

I'm in Texas right now with Memaw & Papaw and staying busy.  We've already had an early Christmas with all of the Bryan and Austin family (12/18) - that was a lot of people and lots of presents "also, too".  Tuesday (12/20) we'll go to Houston to see more people and that visit always has lots of kids our size, so we will try to be patient on the car ride.  I've seen Uncle Lee and Aunt Katherine's horses and got to talk to Santa this morning, whew!

"Happy holidays and Merry Christmas."


PJ's class earned a jar full of marbles so they had a "fancy day" on the last day of school before PJ was home for Thanksgiving Break. 

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we got to see all our "Santa Clara Cousins" at Auntie Julie's and Uncle Matt's in San Francisco.  There were 10-kids this year from 18-mos. to 7-years (and one more in Auntie Valerie's tummy who has since been born!) and we had a great time. We even got to make "ugly sweater cookies".

The first weekend in December we continued our now 3rd year of going to Silveyville Tree Farm in Dixon, CA to pick our Christmas Tree, have hot cider, popcorn and for the first time, take a ride on Santa's sleigh around the farm.  It was a super-fun morning (until PJ got cranky!).


We worked hard at home preparing for our annual holiday open house by decorating, baking treats and doing yard work.  We had a fun party with friends on December 10th, for the last time at our current house.

Before heading to Texas, we got to go see lights in Uncle Peter's "Fab-40s neighborhood" in Sacramento, and a special Elf named Joy visited PJ's classroom!

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