Monday, December 19, 2016

Falling for Fun (Nov. & pre-Christmas)

Well, it happened.  We sold our house and now we're borrowing it from Miss Madeline.  Moms have put up lots of Santa things and snowmen and lights all over, so it still feels like our house for Christmas.  Sometime me and PJ forget that it's not our house anymore and we have to be reminded not to do certain things to the walls. ;)   You can find more pictures of our fall fun at: Falling for Fun (Google photos)

I'm in Texas right now with Memaw & Papaw and staying busy.  We've already had an early Christmas with all of the Bryan and Austin family (12/18) - that was a lot of people and lots of presents "also, too".  Tuesday (12/20) we'll go to Houston to see more people and that visit always has lots of kids our size, so we will try to be patient on the car ride.  I've seen Uncle Lee and Aunt Katherine's horses and got to talk to Santa this morning, whew!

"Happy holidays and Merry Christmas."


Monday, November 7, 2016

Hi, I'm Cooper.

Hi Friends.  I'm Cooper, I think you know about me from my big brother.  "PJ" (as I call him) asked me to start sharing about our adventures.  So I thought I would start by sharing a big family announcement.  

And a mention of October and Halloween too as my first try at this.... Hope you like it!

Cooper (aka: Super-Coop)

Friday, October 21, 2016

And Fall Again.

Best Buds!

Friends. Welcome back - have we some news for you! In this post there will be a bit about the end of summer fun at Nana Camp in August, TK School News, September Birthdays, and my 5th Birthday!

But before we get into the fun, I must share that it is with a heavy heart that I have decided that this will be the last post that I write...though certainly NOT the last post on the "Brotherly Blog!"  I have so enjoyed sharing our family's fun, adventures and chaos, literally since I was just days old.  (Yes, I know my Moms got things started back when I was still known as "Lugnut", but I was so pleased when they agreed to have me take over - I think I've added a bit more flare to things, don't you?!)  I dare say I've grown a tremendous amount since those earliest days, and with growth must come change.  I'm finding that being a big 5-year old now and being in school is limiting my time to be able to freelance, so I would like to hand the blog over to my ever-capable little Super Cooper. Cooper has a bit more time these days than I do, he's excited to give this a try and his language skills have just exploded.  Please give him a chance and of course feel free to report any concerns to my parents.

It has been a pleasure writing for you.  Enjoy Fall.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement!

Porter James

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Is Summer Over? (I'm exhausted!)

Hangin' with Dinger the River Cat at Family Field Day
What a summer it has been.  It seems like there have been never-ending adventures and we are exhausted!!  School should start again on August 22nd, but we're still waiting for some of those details.  There are still a few more fun-times ahead in the coming days, but here's the summer fun for now!  Quick summaries are below; for a complete view of summer fun you can go to our Google-Photos link: Summer 2016 Adventures

-Porter and Cooper

Friday, June 10, 2016

School's Out for Summer!

HAPPY SUMMER!!!  School got out for me on June 1st, which was the same day our triple-digit heat began. :p   Fortunately we've got our little pool and some great shade in the backyard to keep us cool, and special people in our lives that invite us to use their big pools!

Below are links to some of our spring in pictures.  Poor Mommy is having to change over to Google Photos, instead of using Picasa like we have for years, so if you have any problems viewing please let her know!

We are headed to Texas soon, so we'll update y'all about our adventures when we return.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Winter's End and Spring Beginnings

After the church Easter Egg Hunt 3.27.16

Cooper and I have recently returned from Spring Break at Nana's House, and despite the beautiful weather we are recovering from colds (hopefully our last of the season!). So, before we start spending every waking hours in our happy place (out-of-doors) we thought we would put up a quick post about our winter fun. We hope you are starting to see lovely days and can enjoy them without constantly sneezing like Mommy!   -Porter & Cooper

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The last 1/4 of 2015

With 2015 now in the rear-view mirror, I realize how long it had been since I had shared our adventures.  Here is September-December in pictures.  Hope you enjoy!   Welcome 2016.